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2016-07-08 01:32:59 by LObliqe

Hello everyone! My name is Ashten or LObliqe, feel free to call me whatever nicknames you want, I'm pretty chill.
I've been using newgrounds for quite a while. (8+ish years now) As of writing this, I am sixteen years old, I'm super terrible at making games, and I've never used flash other than tiny school projects. I made this brand new account so I could get a fresh start, and I'm hoping that I can at least do something on here. I do still go to high-school, and that starts back in less than two-months, so I'll actually be able to use flash there, but I will have less free-time. 
I'm glad to finally partake in this community. Newgrounds has been good to me for nearly a decade, and I think it's time to pay it back.



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